I started my career as a digital electronics designer but after a few years was offered the opportunity to move to Tokyo/Japan to write real-time low latency trading systems in C/C++ in the hectic world of Financial Markets pricing and execution of orders on the Tokyo stock exchange. I have since remained in software development in Financial Markets.

Through private projects I endeavour to keep my electronics skills alive, afterall electronics and software engineering are bedfellows and often overlap each other. In the early years I worked with Xilinx FPGA’s and occam but in the last 5 years have studied and learnt VHDL (and to a lesser degree Verilog/System Verilog) which has opened up whole new possibilities given how much more advanced the FPGA’s have become. Hence the projects such as the SharpMZ hardware emulation and the ZPU processor.

As an escape, I fly Gyrocopters (having progressed from parachutes and paragliders) and have clocked up over 400 hours flying time, the sheer exhilaration of rotary flying is invigorating and I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Recently I started training to become an instructor and wrote the website GyroAviation to promote this activity.

This github repository is a collation of projects which utilise my professional skills and which I publish as Open Source under GPL v3* which can be used by 3rd parties for their projects.

* Not for commercial use unless written agreement obtained.