Sharp MZ-1500 Upgrades

Amongst the machines I am currently renovating is a Sharp MZ-1500, the Japanese successor to the venerable Sharp MZ-700. It was generally only available in Japan and offered more advanced sound, graphics, builtin expansion bay and a QD drive. This machine not only provides the ability to run MZ-700 software via a compatibility switch but adds a 24KB Programmable Character Generator allowing for full colour pixel level graphics and more advanced games along with a stereo programmable sound generator for advanced audio.

It is wrongly believed that the MZ-1500 was a Japanese 'MZ-800', the circuitry and the functionality are different, they only share the basic looks.

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can further upgrade it with the MZ-800 tranZPUter SW developments which will provide additional functionality including 512K RAM, SD Card services and a faster CPU.

The MZ-1500 only has colour video output with a basic graphics/Programmable Character Generator based pixel graphics so it may make sense to see if the tranZPUter SW-700 v1.3 can be added to advance the graphics capabilities to that of the MZ-800 and above. All depends on space within the casing as everything else is pretty much the same as the MZ-700.

Working with this machine I hope to use the knowledge gained to improve the Sharp MZ Series Emulator.

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