Sharp MZ-2800 Upgrades


Amongst the machines I have renovated is a Sharp MZ-2800, the dual CPU successor to the MZ-2500 or Super-MZ. The machine was a synergy of the old Z80 world and the dawning of the new 16bit world based on the 80286, the heart of the IBM PC AT and the basis of most modern computers.

The machine kept full compatibility with the MZ-2500 by inclusion of the Z80 and all it's associated hardware. It also added an 80286, the primary processor of the machine along with more memory (768KB), more Graphics RAM (512KB) and an abundance of expansion options, allowing both MZ-2500 expansion cards and new MZ-2800 16bit expansion cards to be sited in the same casing. It was, in effect, a Super Super MZ!

Unfortunately the machine gave up some of the MZ-2500 features, namely compatibility with the MZ-2000 and MZ-80B but this was a small price to pay for the power and performance on offer.

As with the MZ-2500, I decided not to pursue the tranZPUter upgrade path for this machine as there is basically no space, other than the expansion bay, to add functionality. The tranZPUter would need to be redesigned as an add in card and may not be able to provide all the same features it provides to an MZ-80A/MZ-700/MZ-2000. I thus stuck with renovating it and discovering the wonders it provided.

Renovation Begins

The photos below are taken from the actual machine during rebuild and are adhoc at the moment. They will in time be formed into a comprehensive guide, please bear with me.


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