Sharp MZ-2200 Upgrades


After writing the Sharp MZ Series FPGA emulator with only my original MZ-80B, MZ-80A and MZ-700 machines as reference, using schematics and manuals for the other emulated machines, I decided, having become stuck on the differences between the MZ-80B and MZ-2000 to obtain an example from Japan. At the same time I saw an MZ-2200 and was curious as to the differences, so I bought an example which looked in good condition.

Four months later the machine arrived and I was gobsmacked how clean and untouched it was. It was almost pristine, it had some dirt so needed a clean and perhaps some capacitor changes but otherwise the machine was ship shape.

The MZ-2200 is basically an MZ-2000 without the monitor/cassette and is much lighter. I studied the machine and the only difference I coulo see between it and the MZ-2000 was a fully populated graphics board and a more modern switched mode power supply. There were two external monitor sockets, one for colour and the other monochrome but otherwise identical to its sibling.

A nice addition to the machine was the MZ-1M01 16bit 8088 board with 128K RAM and a Kanji font board. This addition, which was also available for the MZ-2000 made the MZ-2200 capable of running MS-DOS and other 16bit applications. Unfortunately I couldnt locate any software for this board.

As the machine was no different to an MZ-2000 and it being in such good condition, I decided to sell it on as a collectors item as it had all its original packaging, just missing the manuals!

Firstly, time to clean and study the machine and ensure it continues to work in the future... Please click a link on the left to see details of the machine renovation.


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