Sharp MZ Series Computers

In 1978, Sharp Corporation entered the microcomputer business with the MZ-40K, thereafter until 1986 saw a plethora of machines released, many of which gained significant market success.

Apart from the MZ-40K, the MZ-80K/K2, MZ-80C, MZ-1200, MZ-80A, MZ-80B, MZ-700, MZ-800, MZ-1500, MZ-2000, MZ-2200, MZ-2500, MZ-2800 were all based on a similar Z-80 CPU architecture aimed at either the personal or business market.

Various articles are available on these machines, ie Wikipedia, which the reader is encouraged to read to gain a basic understanding before perusing this site, if only to understand basic machine configuration and jargon.

My projects aim to keep these machines alive, for re-use of old software, learning, sentimental reasons and history.

Currently I have the following project branches for Sharp machines:

  • a hardware emulator based on FPGA technology which emulates nearly all of the Sharp MZ series
  • hardware/software upgrades for the venerable Sharp MZ Series machines: MZ-80A / MZ-80B / MZ-700 / MZ-800 / MZ-1500 / MZ-2000 / MZ-2200 / MZ-2500 / MZ-2800.
  • hardware/software upgrades for the Sharp X Series machines: X1/Turbo/TurboZ / X68000.
  • renovation and restoration: Sharp MZ-1500 / MZ-2000 / MZ-2200 / MZ-2500 / MZ-2800 / Sharp X1 Turbo / Sharp X68000 Expert

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