Sharp MZ-2200 Specifications

CPU Z-80A @ 4MHz
ROM Monitor (IPL) 2KB
Character generator 2KB
RAM 64KB Main memory
2KB Text V-RAM
48K Colour Pixel Graphics V-RAM
Display 10-inch built-in anti-glare green monochrome CRT
Screen configuration: 80 characters x 25 lines and 40 characters x 25 lines software selectable
Character matrix: 8 x 8 dots
Monochrome Graphics: 3 frames 640x200 or 320x200 seletable, Graphics frames and text can be overlaid.
Colour Graphics (optional): 1 Frame 640x200 of 8 Colours
Keyboard ASCII layout
10 programmable function keys, numeric keybad, seperate cursor control
Switchable ASCII/Graphics key function.
Editing function Up / Down / Left / Right Cursor Control, Home, Clear, Insert, Delete
Cassette deck Fully automated solenoid controlled cassette data storage unit with manual override.
Data transfer method: Sharp PWM ・ 2000bit/sec
Tape specification: Standard audio cassette
Sound output Up to 400mW (variable)
Clock function Built-in
I/O Expansion 4 ports using optional MZ-1U01 expansion dock
Power supply AC100V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz, 50W average power consumption
Temperature Operating temperature 0 ° C to 35 ° C (storage -15 ° C to 60 ° C), operating humidity 80% or less
External dimensions / weight Width 440 x Depth 480 x Height 262 mm / approx. 13 kg