MicroTech CP/M v2.2


Linux, MacOS and Windows are now the defacto operating systems in use on many PCs. It all started years ago with Digital Research creating the Control Program/Monitor (CP/M). CP/M was one of the first real operating systems for Microcomputers providing common means to run applications across varying hardware. Any machine running CP/M has access to thousands of programs.

Micro Technology created a version of CP/M v2.2 for the Sharp MZ80A, which for many years has proven very elusive to obtain.

On acquistion of my Kuma modified MZ-80A I received and scanned the Micro Technology manual below and recreated the disks allowing any MZ-80A owner with access to a floppy disk or disk emulator to run this original CP/M OS.

Further information on CP/M and how it functions and built can be found here. I wrote my own version of CP/M in 2020 when I wasnt able to obtain this MicroTech version.

MicroTech CP/M Manual


The following disk images have been extracted from a number of old corrupt disks and re-generated using the CP/M tools: FORMAT, SYSGEN, BACKUP, PIP.

File Description
CPM_V22_BOOT D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 Boot Disk
CPM_V22_CALCSTAR D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 CalcStar Spreadsheet
CPM_V22_PEACHTEXT D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 PeachText Word Processor
CPM_V22_SIRS D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 Database and Record Keeper
CPM_V22_WDPRO D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 WDPRO Word Processor
CPM_V22_XBAS D88 DSK CP/M v2.2 Crystal Basic V3.1c
BASIC_SA6510 D88 DSK MZ-80A Disk Basic