Sharp MZ-2500 Upgrades

Work In Progress!

Amongst the machines I am currently renovating is a Sharp MZ-2500 or Super-MZ. It is said to be the best 8bit computer made with advanced graphics capabilities, 256KB RAM, automated tape deck, floppy disk, hard disk (optional) and a Z80 running at 6MHz.

This machine not only runs MZ-80B/MZ-2000/MZ-2200 software but makes a big jump in terms of video, audio, memory and expansion for its own software. I'm looking forward to seeing if I can further upgrade it with the tranZPUter or tranZPUter SW design to upgrade the Z80 CPU to 24MHz and provide SD services accordingly.

The MZ-2500 already has colour video output with 64K Graphics VRAM, Character VRAM and a PCG with Kanji support so it makes no sense to adapt the Video Module to this machine.

Working with this machine I hope to use the knowledge gained to improve the Sharp MZ Series Emulator.

Watch this space!


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