Sharp MZ-2800 Manuals

As time goes on it is becoming harder and harder to locate documentation for retro machines. There are many sites whose aim was to document and preserve this information but many fall by the wayside as people age or move on, which clicking on many old links will show.

In order to ensure the documents I reference for these projects remain available they are placed in the table below. I've also listed a set of current working links which are invaluable references.

As the MZ-2800 was never officially exported most of the documentation is written in Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji - Hiragana and Katakana are simplified Japanese characters easier to learn and write, Kanji is the pictograms, of which there are many thousand, dating back thousands of years).

To translate Japanese into your language, I recommend the use of Google Chrome either it’s realtime web translation or Google Translate where you can copy and paste Japanese text and translate as needed.

The table below contains all the manuals I have located to date which are needed for the MZ-2800. Some of the manuals belong to the MZ-2500 which are needed when the MZ-2800 is switched into MZ-2500 mode. The MZ computer division of Sharp were good with documentation, well presented and containing all the needed information such as schematics, programming detail and service manuals.


Manual Language Description
MZ-2800 Description Japanese Sharp MZ-2800 Description of the machine capabilities, expansion options and schematics.
I/O Magazine 1987.06 Japanese I/O Magazine with details on the MZ-2861.
I/O Magazine 1987.07 Japanese I/O Magazine with more details on the MZ-2861.
Users Manual Japanese Sharp MZ-2500 Users/Owners Manual.
BASIC M25 Manual Japanese Sharp MZ-2500 BASIC M25 Interpreter User Manual.
BASIC S25 Manual Japanese Sharp MZ-2500 BASIC S25 Interpreter User Manual.
Telephone Manual Japanese Sharp MZ-2500 Telephone Connectiity Users Manual.
Brochure Japanese Sharp MZ-2500 Brochure.
I/O Map English Sharp MZ-2500 I/O Map listing all hardware resources, addresses and configurations.
Keyboard Protocol English Sharp MZ-2500 Keyboard Protocol.
Video Capabilities English Sharp MZ-2500 Video Capabilities.
SuperMZ Magazine Japanese SuperMZ magazine contaiing all the detailed information for the Sharp MZ-2500 including programming, schematics, expansion etc.


Schematic Description
MZ-2800 Sharp MZ-2800 Circuit Diagrams.

Site Language Description
Sharp Museum by Oh!Ishi Japanese A comprehensive museum of all Sharp computer products. Use Google Chrome and click on the MZ-2800 links for further details.
Maroon DTI Japanese A good source of MZ-2500 information, some of which I translated and stored above, ie. I/O Map.


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