Sharp MZ-1500 Specifications

CPU Z80A (3.58MHz)
ROM Monitor 12KB
Character Generator 4KB
RAM Main memory 64KB, video RAM 4KB
PCG (programmable character generator) 24KB
Display ability Text 40 characters x 25 lines
Graphic 320 x 200 dots + 24 characters PCG (8 colours)
or 1000 characters PCG (8 colours)
Colour Palette function (allows 1 set of displayable colours from a fixed set)
Video output RGB terminal, composite terminal, RF terminal
Sound Stereo 6 octave triple chord PSG
1 built-in speaker
External stereo audio terminal
QD (Quick Disk) Load time of 64KB on one side, 128KB on both sides, 64KB on one side, about 8 seconds
External dimensions Width 440 x Depth 305 x Height 109 mm
Weight 5kg