Sharp MZ-700 Manuals

As time goes on it is becoming harder and harder to locate documentation for retro machines. There are many sites whose aim was to document and preserve this information but many fall by the wayside as people age or move on, which clicking on many old links will show.

In order to ensure the documents I reference for these projects remain available they are placed in the table below. I've also listed a set of current working links which are invaluable references.


Manual Language Description
Owners Manual English Sharp MZ-700 Owners Manual.
Service Manual English Sharp MZ-700 Service Manual. Use to service or repair your Sharp MZ-700.


Schematic Language Description
SFD700 Disk Controller English Kersten & Partners Floppy Disk Controller for the Sharp MZ-700. This was an alternative to the Sharp MZ-1E05 controller.

Site Language Description
Sharp MZ English An invaluable repository of Sharp information, documentation and software. It may soon be disappearing as the original author no longer maintains it.
Sharp Forum English A Sharp forum to discuss Sharp machines and resolve issues/gain knowledge.


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