Sharp MZ-800 Specification

CPU     Z-80A    
Clock     3.5469 MHz    
  MZ-700 4 KB
MZ-800 8 KB
16 KB CG 4 KB
* VRAM 16 KB MZ-1R25
DISPLAY I/F   Color RF, VIDEO, RGB 16 colors handling internal encoder
Display method     Bit map method  
PCG method MZ-700 mode only
Screen structure   Resolution Frames Display color
320 x 200 1 4 colors
640 x 200 1 1 color
* 320 x 200 1 or (2) 16 or (4) colors
* 640 x 200 1 or (2) 4 or (1) colors
Color assignment     Choice out of 16 colors  
Screen and character structures   Screen 80/40 characters Software generated font
Character 8 x 8  
Screen control   Scroll Character-scroll  
Pallet 4 colors chosen out of 16 colors
Border color Choice of 16 colors
Internal I/O interface Sound generation   6-octave, 3-chord Internal speaker SN76489 compatible
Centronics interface (Interface) 1 CH Can be switched to MZ interface
Plot printer *   MZ interface  
Video output   RF, VIDEO (Analog RGB with the MZ-820F)   Color encoder (PAL) The I terminal to add for the RGB terminal
Joystick (Interface) 2 CH ATARI compatible (joystick dedicated)
Cassette tape recorder (Interface) READ/WRITE  
Expansion slot   1 card MZ-80B compatible
External I/O MFD *   Two-sided, double density MZ-1F02, MZ-1E05
RS-232C *   MZ-8BiO3
Joystick * ATARI compatible
MZ-DISK * MZ-1E19, MZ-1F11
CRT Color * RGBI 16-color CRT MZ-1D19 compatible
B/W * Video   MZ-1D04 compatible
Printer 80-column *   Dot matrix printer MZ-80P5R
80-column * Plot printer MZ-1P16
External control switch Mode select   MZ-700 or
  Status $CE(D1)
Printer interface specification MZ or Centronics  

(*) = Optional